P&G Supply Yilmaz M, N & K Series geared motors with brakes for air cargo handling equipment



Pumps & Gearboxes were asked to offer 4 different types of Yilmaz geared motors which were being fitted to equipment which is to be installed at the cargo handling facilities of Worldwide Flight Services Ltd in London Heathrow.

The Yilmaz geared motors will be fitted to


20FT Truck Dock

This is 2 x 10ft powered roller conveyors, mounted on 2 x 10ft scissor lifts, which are connected to provide a 20ft platform which interfaces between road-going trucks at < 1600mm above ground level and the air cargo handling system @ 508mm. The conveyors consist of a heavy duty steel frame with rollers of 133mm diameter, spaced at a pitch of 300mm. The rollers are chained together and will be driven by Yilmaz geared motors in either direction to provide an IATA specified maximum transfer speed of 18m / minute. Load capacity is 6,800 Kg per 10ft section. This gives the 20ft Truck Dock a handling capacity of 13,600Kg

Powered Roller Conveyors

These are as described above and form the conveying surface for unitised air freight (in ULD containers or aircraft pallets) in loads of                 < 13,600Kg, internally within the cargo warehouse and between the landside and airside freight transfer points. 1 off Yilmaz geared motor drives each 10ft section of conveyor.

Right Angle Transfer Decks

This equipment is used to transfer freight through 90°, i.e. in 4 directions. 3 off Yilmaz geared motors are used on this equipment, 1 off Yilmaz geared motor to power each of the conveying surfaces (rollers in one direction and wheels at 90°), while the 3rd Yilmaz geared motor is used to lift and lower the wheel section via a concentric cam arrangement.