P&G Supply Yilmaz P-Series planetary gearboxes for large peristaltic pump application


Pumps & Gearboxes were asked to offer a Yilmaz gearbox solution for a 150mm peristaltic pump application which needed to be delivered to site within 6 working weeks. With the required final output speed being quite low & the final output torque being quite high, the Yilmaz P-Series planetary gearbox was a perfect solution for the application. Due to the mounting and size constraints the Yilmaz planetary gearbox size PN2702 was able to deliver high output torque in a relatively small gearbox casing when compared to a helical bevel option.

The Yilmaz two stage PN2702 gearbox needed to be able to deliver a minimum output torque of 10,500nm whilst being durable enough to cope with the transmitted feedback from the pump head handling abrasive slurries.  To help protect the drives which would be operating in humid climates, Pumps & Gearboxes suggested the gearboxes should have a 240 micron paint finish in the customers standard colour. The customer ordered 7 off Yilmaz planetary gearboxes & Pumps & Geacrboxes were able to deliver the gearboxes to site within the 6 working week time frame. The customer has since incorporated the Yilmaz P-Series planerary gearbox sizes PN24 & PN27as their default option for their 150mm peristaltic pumps.