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Repairing Your Industrial Equipment

At P&G, we’re your trusted experts in repairing various commercial pumps, industrial pumps, gearboxes, and motors. Our facility in Dewsbury is dedicated to comprehensive repairs and maintenance services to get your equipment running smoothly again.

Our Services include:


From standard pumps and gearbox repairs to complete overhauls and replacement parts, we handle all types of industrial commercial pumps, industrial pumps, industrial gearboxes and motors in our facility in Dewsbury.


P&G are committed to high quality work which is why we have an ISO 9001:2015 certified workshop that ensures we adhere to the highest standards of quality.


We have a team of experienced professionals who specialise in repairing, maintaining, and servicing rotating equipment. We aim to minimise downtime and costs while delivering efficient and effective repairs.

In addition to our Repair & Services P&G Repair or replace worn parts, painting and coating services for all your needs. Large or small jobs are welcomed.

If you have a pump, motor or gearbox that needs repairing and you want to get it back up and running as soon as possible, and as cost-effective as possible, then we’re the company to call.

P&G specialise in the repair, maintenance and servicing of rotating equipment. furthermore, our experienced team will use their knowledge to ensure that all repairs are completed quickly and efficiently keeping costs to a minimum.

The procedure process is outlined below to provide a clear and transparent insight into how we handle your repairs. From the moment you send in your equipment, you can rest assured that it is in our capable hands. Our step-by-step guide process ensures that each stage of the repair journey is planned out and executed to bring your machinery back to its optimal working condition. This procedure reflects our commitment to providing you with exceptional service from start to finish!

Pumps and Gearboxes repair flow

We go beyond repairs!

P&G also offers the replacement of worn parts and provides a painting and coating service tailored to your needs, Whether it’s a large-scale job or a smaller repair requirement.

Our commitment to excellence ensures not only high-quality outcomes but also builds trust, encouraging customers to return to us, relying on our expertise.