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AODD industrial pumps are versatile reliable and easy to use, making them a popular choice in a variety of industries like chemical processing, food and beverage pharmaceuticals and wastewater treatment.

They can also handle a wide range of materials, including abrasive and viscous liquids, chemicals, oils and slurries – without causing damage or clogging. They can also pump liquids that contain solids or suspended particles, making them useful in applications where the other types of pumps may struggle.

Some common uses for air-powered pumps include transferring and metering fluids, filling containers, circulating liquids and emptying tanks.

One of the most common industries for the AODD pump is the food and beverage industry. The food and beverage industry uses a lot of pumps, and they need to be able to handle a variety of temperatures, sanitisation and cleaning. The pumps also need to meet Hygiene guidelines. The AODD pumps can also handle a wide range of viscosities, pressures and flow rates.

As well as their versatility, durability, and efficiency, Some of the Aodd Pump range also offers ATEX Air Transfer pumps with ATEX certification making them a great choice for industries that require pumps that can handle hazardous materials or environments, such as chemical and petrochemical industries.

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How do AODD Pumps work?

Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD Pumps) are positive displacement pumps that use compressed air to power a reciprocating motion of two flexible diaphragms. As the diaphragms move back and forth, they create suction on one side and discharge on the other, allowing the pump to move liquids, gases and slurries. The AODD Pumps are dry running so they will not be damaged if left on with no fluid running through.

Reasons to buy AODD pumps:

Versatile – the AODD pump can dispense a wide range of fluids and Chemicals making it ideal for many different industrial applications.

Durable – The pumps are built to withstand heavy use and are built to handle high-volume fluids. This ensures that they have a long-lasting performance.

Efficient – The air-powered design of the pump provides a fast and reliable solution for high-volume dispensing.

 In addition to the sales of the AODD Pumps, Pumps and Gearboxes can service and maintain the pumps to keep them running smoothly.

Pumps and Gearboxes have been supplying AODD Pumps to the industrial market for over 20 Years.

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How does the Air Operated Diaphragm Pump work? Check out this useful Video from Versamatic.