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Yilmaz UK

The new generation of Yilmaz gearboxes features a Monoblock (one-piece housing) design, providing several advantages: lower noise levels, reduced oil leakage, and increased rigidity and gear strength.

All bearings are supported by the housing itself, rather than split housings.

This design ensures that all axes are machined on the same mounting plate, resulting in high precision with very tight tolerances.

  • M-Series foot mounted inline helical
  • N-Series flange mounted inline helical
  • K-Series helical bevel
  • D-Series parallel shaft
  • E-Series worm & wheel
  • P-Series flange mounted planetary
  • R-Series foot mounted planetary
  • H-Series heavy duty parallel shaft
  • B-Series heavy duty helical
  • T-Series shaft mounted conveyor drive
  • V-Series crane
  • Special application gearboxes
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